Quixz Esports

About the Project

Quixz Esports is a gaming organisation, housing teams that competes in games such as Counter Strike, Rocket League and Valorant. This project includes creating a new design for the new logo, as well as update the existing website design and feel.

Brand redesign

The first part of the project was to create a new brand identity for Quixz' new logo. I wanted the new design to have a complete new look and feel, and therefore tried implementing a new background, as seen below.

A part of creating the new brand design, was also creating a styleguide and brandguide, as seen below.


The website is crafted with Laravel, and has a fully custom design that complements the new style. It is optimized to give the user the most important information fist, and to prioritize key information over less important content.

You can view the live website here.