About Me

I started my coding journey in the fourth quarter of 2017, coming from years of a burning passion for graphic design. One of my main goals was to create beautiful, yet fast and reliable, websites. My first project began as a static portfolio, where I could put pictures, and video I had made. The project became a success, and I wanted to do more.

My next big project was a website for my own esports team, Quixz Esports. I started by making the website using Jekyll, a static site builder, and Netlify CMS. It was a success, and I continued making several website using Jekyll, but felt that at some point I had to learn new technologies.

As I had decided to learn something new, i finally decided on Laravel, a PHP framework. Since it was in some ways similar to Jekyll, it did not take me long until I had learned the basics. I ported the old Quixz eSports website over to Laravel, and added tons of new features. Following this, I decided to grow the team with my german friend.

In 2019, one of my main goals is to learn Node.js, and React. I am currently reading up on, and creating small projects with Adonis.js. You can follow me on Github, to take a look at my past projects, and view my upcoming ones.