Kallefoto Website

About the Project

This project was for Norwegian photographer Kallefoto. The main goal was to create a portfolio to show all of his photos, as well as a way for potential customers to contact him.

The project was a collaboration between me and Endre Stedje, where he did front-end, and I did both the front-end and the backend.


  • Front-End Stack
  • Laravel
  • TinyApi
  • MySql


The website is fully optimized, both for SEO, and for users. It has lazy loading images, minified recources, and meta-tags for social media. In the Google Audits test, it has a score-average of 90 on all tests, except PWA as this was not included, in the green.

Visual Profile

The last task was to create a logo, and visual profile for Kallefoto. I decided to make a camera, since he is a photographer. The colors are chosen based on his love for nature photography, and are taylored to fit his website, photo-style, and personality. The fonts were chosen to fit his style of logo, as well as his photo-style.

You can view the live website here.